Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Go to Hell!

(Do no pass GO!, do not collect £200, no stopping for snacks on the way)

Decided to start with this one that seems the favored response to criticism by a number of vocal christians on social media. That retort that always seems to dripping with anticipation, delight and satisfaction. A bit like a teen who's  just been giving the link to his first porn site by a friend.

For non-theists (well non believers in that particular religion) the threat of hell or whatever eternal damnation is offered is a largely meaningless threat. After all with no compelling reason to believe it exists or that there is life after death why should it worry us?

But it does often carry some level of emotional threat, either due to a holdover from upbringing or that it's a little disconcerting to see someone take apparent delight in the idea of you suffering because you don't believe as they do.

But why is it used? It must be realised that, without belief, it will have little to no impact on a person. It's certainly never struck me as any form of attempt to convince someone to accept the demands of the christian posting it.  For me the threat of hell is just an obstacle that, if I was convinced of the existence of the Christian God, would just stand in the way of me choosing to worship such a being. After all, would people want a gang leader running aprotection racket as their country's leader if they had free choice?

I think it's used as a get out of jail free card by the theist. They realise that they can't convince so they resort to getting what satisfaction they can with such an empty (to the atheist) threat, while quickly dismissing any claim they're judging others (it's their god doing it) because that would be wrong.

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